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Mobility is now the norm and people everywhere expect to connect without wires. The explosion of tablets and smartphones has seen to that. According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, there are more than 800 million wireless-enabled devices being produced every year.

Xirrus Technical Deep-Dive

APs are the foundation of Wi-Fi networks, but it is wireless intelligence that impacts a user's experience, learn how Xirrus optimizes not only the RF, but client performance & application reliability to guarantee a quality user experien

Perry Correll

XMS Cloud/Command Center

Learn how Xirrus' CommandCenter simplifies activation, provisioning and management of new customer accounts, by taking what used to take hours or days, to just minutes. Reduced deployment costs, lower overhead = maximized revenue.

Perry Correll

Designing 5GHz Centric Wi-Fi Networks

95% of clients now support 5GHz, addressing this shift is not just about more APs, it's about more 5GHz radios (less 2.4GHz) and advanced RF management to optimize spectrum usage as well segmenting clients by capabilities. Learn How

Perry Correll

Xirrus Partner Overview- 5 Things in 5 Minutes

See how partnering with Xirrus allows you to provide customers with solutions, not just products. And at the same time gives you the tools to increase your competitive advantage, while reducing your cost of doing business.

Perry Correll

Xirrus MSP Overview- 5 Things in 5 Minutes

Wi-Fi as a Service reduces your customers deployment and management complexity, while Xirrus Command Center reduces your operational effort (Provisioning/Deploying/Managing) from hours or days to just minutes, find out how.

Perry Correll

XMS-Cloud Demo

See how XMS-Cloud delivers a simple but powerful platform for managing your Wi-Fi network from a single console, ensuring the visibility and control you need to deliver rock solid Wi-Fi service.

Bruce Miller
VP of Product Marketing

Xirrus Corporate Overview

Xirrus delivers a complete Wi-Fi solution with the scale, security, simplicity, and adaptability to meet the needs of enterprises today and into the future as the need to be connected continues to grow.

Bruce Miller

EasyPass Demo

See how EasyPass enables all types of users – whether guests, customers, fans, or employees – to easily, quickly, and securely gain access to your Wi-Fi network without the cost and complexity of traditional access control systems.

Bruce Miller

E-Rate - What You Need to Know Now

Understand how E-rate discounts and funding can benefit your school or library with eligible telecommunications, Internet access, equipment, products and services.

Bruce Miller

First look at E-Rate - 10 Things in 10 Min You Need to Know

Understand how the E-rate program discounts can help your school or library with eligible telecommunications, Internet access, equipment, products and services; the changes in E-rate 2.0; and the steps to apply.

Bruce Miller

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