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HyperGrid delivers IT at the flip of a switch: A revolutionary new concept in HyperConverged Infrastructure, HCI-as-a-Service (“HCIaaS”) is the industry’s first application aware offering that brings the simplicity and ease-of-use of HCI together with a pay-as-you-consume pricing model that scales elastically.

HyperGrid's QoS Controls

Overview of HyperGrid's QoS controls.

Shawn Nunley

Competing with MS Storage Spaces Direct

HyperGrid vs. Storage Spaces Direct

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HyperGrid Overview: Customer Presentation

This is a 30 minute customer facing presentation that helps position HyperGrid's Value Proposition.

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HyperGrid Hardware Overview

Completed Overview of HyperGrid's HW and Storage/Compute/Network Connectivity.

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The Resource Economy

How HyperGrid is using Flash to address the imbalance between CPU and spinning media.

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Overview of the Cloud

How HyperGrid provides the elasticity of the cloud to all applications

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HyperGrid Erasure Encoding

How HyperGrid's use of Erasure Encoding Allows you to use Flash more efficiently.

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HyperGrid CEO Overview

HyperGrid's Chairman and CEO Nariman Teymourian explains how HyperGrid is changing the way customers consume IT.

Nariman Teymourian

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