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CREDANT provides a comprehensive Data Protection Platform to control, manage and protect your laptops, desktops, removable media, smartphones, self-encrypting drives, BitLocker and even data in the cloud.

Credant Enterprise Edition
A centrally managed data protection platform that enforces encryption policies and simplifies compliance reporting, all with little or no impact to end-users or IT operations.
Paul Kenniston
Credant External Media Edition
Data on removable media such as USB drives and memory sticks are some of the highest-risk sources for data breaches. CREDANT External Media Edition helps you protect information on removable media.
Paul Kenniston
Credant Manager for BitLocker
Improve your ability to protect critical data and reduce the risk of a breach with simplified recovery key escrow, centralized compliance reporting and full control of BitLocker policies.
Paul Kenniston
Credant Enterprise Edition Installation Walkthrough
Preview the installation process for Credant Enterprise Server in your environment, creating and adding users, and defining / deploying encryption policies across your entire organisation.
Paul Kenniston
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