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CounterTack is the leading provider of real-time, Big Data endpoint detection and response technology for the enterprise. CounterTack provides unprecedented visibility and context around endpoint behavior to targeted, persistent threats to improve incident response and threat detection, enterprise-wide.

CounterTack Overiew

CounterTack is the leading provider of next-generation endpoint security solutions. Our tools enable customers to improve incident response and threat detection across the enterprise.

Tom Bain

CounterTack Responder PRO

Examine Responder PRO prioritizes suspicious modules from a physical memory dump, identifies malicious behaviors and improves incident response processes.

Scott Pease

CounterTack Active Defense Demo

In this demo, Active Defense's scanning capabilities identify a piece of malware and utilizes the built-in response features to remediate the threat in real-time.

Scott Pease

CounterTack Active Defense

A tour of the Active Defense Dashboard and Network tabs and the Scan Policies within the product—highlighting key features of the leading malware detection solution in the industry.

Scott Pease

CounterTack Sentinel Walk Through

This video shows how Sentinel's continuous monitoring capabilities reduces attack detection time by identifying known and unknown threats using behavioral analysis.

Michael Davis

CounterTack Sentinel Deep Dive

See how CounterTack Sentinel enables you to continuously monitor endpoint behaviors, correlate threats through behavior analysis, and remediate infected endpoints in real-time.

Michael Davis

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