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Cisco Adaptive Security of FirePOWER Services

The new Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM) provides integrated management capabilities for the ASA NGFW with FirePOWER Services. This new local manager you can administer all ASA hardware features and Firepower services.

Anant Mathur

FireSIGHT Management Center

FireSIGHT Management Center not only provides device management capabilities, but also rich network visibility, automation of policies and other capabilities. This demo shows the power of Contextual Explorer, Dashboard, and more.

Anant Mathur

45 – Day Evaluation of FirePOWER Services

This video shows how to request and enable the 45 day trial license for Firepower Services on the ASA 5506-X, 5506W-X and 5506H-X Next Generation Firewalls . The license will enable Application Visibility, Control (AVC), and more.

Anant Mathur

Initial Set-up & Configuration of Cisco ASA5506-X

Provides users with step-by-step instructions in configuring the ASA5506-X allowing users to quickly set-up devices and management capabilities to extend distinctive threat-focused next-generation security solution to your organization.

Keith Siracuse

Overview of Cisco ASDM On-Box Management & Off-Box Cisco

Provides users with a high level overview of management features for use with Cisco ASA5500-X Series Next-Generation Firewalls devices, offering highlights and advantages of both management solutions.

Keith Siracuse

Unified Manager Demystified

Learn what unified manager really means, why it is called unified manager, what it can do, and which type of devices it can manage on various platforms.

Jayant Thakre

Firepower Management Center

Learn what management solution you will need post Firepower 6.0 release. Different customer scenarios may need different management solution.

Jayant Thakre

Sourcefire 3D® System
The only adaptive IPS identifies and responds to changes in devices, apps, services, and potential vulnerabilities, the 3D System then warns of meaningful attacks while suppressing irrelevant events — allowing you to focus on real threats.
Jeremiah Fern

HyperConverged Infrastructure
SAP Business One & Add-Ons
Telecommunications & Networking