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The Aruba Networks is the leading provider of next-generation network access solutions for mobile enterprise networks.

Improve network resiliency with VSF simplicity

Learn how to simplify network design, configuration, and management with Virtual Switching Framework (VSF) using the Aruba 5400R switch series with v3 modules.

Justin Noonan

Easy to adjust to if you are familiar with Cisco CLI

See how you can get up and running quickly using the ArubaOS Switch CLI if you are crossing over from the Cisco world to the HP Networking realm.
Covering : HP Networking and Cisco CLI reference guide, Using Aruba Solution Exchange (ASE)

Yarnin Israel

From Zero to Running in under 20 Minutes with Network

Learn about the HPE Campus SDN solution and how to build a HPE Network Visualizer demo environment in under 20 minutes. Network Visualizer is a powerful tool that can be used to enhance a network providing an incredibly easy network.

Scott Kosterl

Successful WLAN Deployment

Many customers become frustrated with their new WLAN installations because they "don't work". Proper planning of a WLAN installation can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on post-installation support and result in happier.

Rich Horsley

Aruba Switching: Leadership in Mobile First Networking

Intended for Consulting Engineers and integrators, this video summarizes the industry leadership capabilities of the Aruba Campus Switching portfolio, and the considerations for switching infrastructure in a "Mobile first Network".

Keith Travis

Powering the Digital Workplace with Aruba WLAN

Learn about key drivers in the digital workplace, how Aruba is differentiated to power the digital workplace and how to engage customer with key inflection points to drive migration to Aruba 802.11ac.

Christian Gilby

Cloud-First Networks for an Agile Data Center

Learn more about Cloud-First networks by looking at industry trends, changes that are driven in the marketplace and how our cloud-first networking solutions helps you get to an agile data center solution.

Navin Mittal

802.11ac Wave 2

Learn the benefits, new feature and challenges that 802.11ac Wave 2 introduces and see which Wave 2 products are available from Aruba.

Christian Gilby
Virtual Branch Network
Replicating large office networks, even in the form-factor of a branch office-in-a-box, is simply not an economically viable approach.
Keyur Shah
Aruba Instant™ AP
Aruba Instant™ virtualizes Aruba Mobility Controller capabilities on 802.11n APs, creating an enterprise grade WLAN with the low cost and simplicity of entry-level Wi-Fi.
Keyur Shah
HP Intelligent Management Center
IMC is a stand-alone platform for management of advanced, heterogeneous networks. Designed on an SOA using a business application flow model it features an on-demand, modularized structure for managing HP and third-party devices.
Seth Goldhammer
HP Networking: Datacenter Tour
This live tour shows how HP is "flattening" the network topology to a flat, high-performance aggregation layer coupled with intelligent, virtualization-aware server edge switches.
Jeffrey Lim
HP Networking: Transforming the Datacenter
Mike Banic and Dan Montesanto discuss converging infrastructure, SHI deployment, federated applications, IMC, virtualization, eliminating layers, and more.
Mike Banic, Dan Montesanto,
Jeffery Lim
IRF Whiteboard
IRF technology extends network control over multiple active switches consolidated around a single management IP address. Combine up to nine HP A-series switches creating an ultra-resilient virtual switching fabric.
Jeff Lim & Les Stuart


Learn the benefits, new feature and challenges that 802.11ac Wave 2 introduces and see which Wave 2 products are available from Aruba.

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