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AirTight Networks offers enterprises the next generation of intelligent edge, secure, and flexible WLAN solutions.

AirTight Wi-Fi Analytics
Gain business intelligence using Wi-Fi based anonymous presence analytics, opt-in identity analytics and social demographics of your onsite user community to enable omni-channel engagement.
Sean Blanton
AirTight Social Wi-Fi
AirTight Social Wi-Fi integrates Wi-Fi access with social network channels to enable onsite user communities and engagement, e.g., retailers with customers, teachers with students and parents.
Sean Blanton
Cloud-managed Wi-Fi for the Distributed Enterprise
Powered by a scalable, multi-tenant and fault-tolerant cloud architecture, the AirTight Cloud Wi-Fi solution is ideal for managing distributed Wi-Fi networks across virtually any number of sites.
Sean Blanton
AirTight Wi-Fi — Quick Installation Video
With zero-touch provisioning and easy centralized management, AirTight's Cloud Wi-Fi solution significantly reduces the cost and IT overhead in deploying and managing distributed Wi-Fi networks.
Sean Blanton
AirTight Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS)
AirTight's patented and industry leading WIPS provides the most comprehensive wireless protection by automatically and accurately detecting, blocking, and locating all types of wireless threats.
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