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In a world where the digital revolution is increasingly transforming our lives, Gemalto's end-to-end security solutions are designed to make personal digital interactions more convenient, safe and enjoyable.

Digital Security Solutions on-line Transaction Security
Ezio combines OTP tokens with a software platform to create a time-based challenge-response mechanism. This added layer of security ensures the authenticity of the Internet banking session and provides an enhanced level of users protection.
Tom Flynn, David Teo
Gemalto SA Server
Gemalto's SA Server is a convenient solution for SMS-based OTP authentication with maximum availability, hardware cost savings, no maintenance or renewal needs, secure network access and is scalable and adaptable.
Ray Wizbowski, Matt Blanchard
Gemalto Smart Badge Holder
Communicates wirelessly with smartphones and other devices including workstations. When you pick up your smartphone, you can access corporate resources over a VPN. You can dash away from a workstation knowing that the data on screen will be locked.
Ray Wizbowski, Matt Blanchard


EMR and HIPAA discusses the evolution of the SmartCard with the Gemalto Product Director at HIMSS


John Ahlberg, Gemalto Communications Director discusses various security measures including OTP technology.

HyperConverged Infrastructure
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